Host your Wedding with La Barcaza professional team. We make your dreams comes true!

Create your wedding in the wonderfully blue Atlantic Ocean or on the quiet whitish shore. You choose!

Wedding on boat

A newly refurbished exclusive boat is the ideal venue for your most beautiful event! We will cruise along the Atlantic Ocean’s most beautiful coastline!

Wedding on beach

We guarantee that , there will be no bystanders like in the hotels on the shore! We’re going to arrange your dream wedding on a pristine and untouched white-sand beach!

Why book with us?

Weddings are an incredible once in a lifetime opportunity to proclaim your love to the world. Your Punta Cana wedding with La Barcaza can be just as unique as your love story!

Different from the others
  • In Punta Cana, weddings are normally held on crowded tourist beaches, we avoid this by bringing you to a quiet private beach where distractions and unwanted guests are minimum. While we can’t prevent people from walking along the shore line, the location of the beach is devoid of hotels or other beach bars and is in a remote location, minimizing
  • Our upper deck of the boat is a spacious terrace, where you can hold a quiet conversation, while the lower deck has more of a party atmosphere
  • Do not let the children and their disabled guests stay at home, we will safely solve their stay and stay there. Kids enjoy the spacious terraces on board La Barcaza where they can play.
  • We are proud to state that we have served customers for over 12 years without incident. This is because we pay special attention to any safety and health issues that may affect our guests. The boat is safe for for anyone that may have any physical ailments or disabilities. Children enjoy the spacious terraces where there is plenty of room to play
Professional crew
  • We have 12 year experience and history in planning weddings and other events in Punta Cana.
  • Our team is always ready to speak English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German and Hungarian.
  • We only work with the most professional transportation companies, this is why our transportation is modern, comfortable, air-conditioned, and of course punctual.
Perfect food and drinks
  • Our bar is the unique in the area, we pay attention to all the details, beginning with the use of real cups, preparation, service and decoration. We don’t just focus on the quality drinks, but we place great emphasis on the look as well.
  • The standard “national open bar” in the Punta Cana area usually only includes local rum and beer. We have stepped up our national bar to include vodka, whiskey, gin, and tequila. We also think about our guests who prefer premium drinks and have designed an International Bar which includes Grey Goose Vodka, Johnny Walker Black Whiskey, Don Julio Tequila, Tanqueray Gin or Frontera White/Red Wine additional costs.
  • We have an amazing on-board kitchen which allows us to prepare excellent food. Whether we have 2 guests or 100 we are prepared for everything.
  • All the food is made from fresh ingredients by our on-board master chef and is served on ceramic plates
Perfect conditions
  • The La Barcaza always has enough space for our guest. With the most spacious double-deck trimaran, you can sunbathe on the top floor or enjoy the shaded bottom floor, without feeling crowded.
  • La Barcaza is one of only 2 boats in the area with the special license to sail in the evening and comprehensive insurance. Our top deck is lit with special LED lights to create the perfect ambiance for a romantic evening
  • Our excursion is a comfortable slow sail along the Bavaro Coastline, we don’t go out into the open sea, so sea sickness rarely occurs with our guest
  • We have the biggest and most complete on board bathroom in the area, which is always maintained to an excellent standard of cleanliness.
  • Snorkeling gear is included in the charter and is well maintained and clean.
  • The music provided by quality equipment.
  • We bring our clients to the most beautiful spot.
Moderate prices
  • Our prices are moderate, quality is excellent and the ambient is always cheerfully Caribbean.
  • Our reviews demonstrate that we always strive to give you the value and quality that you expect for your money.

Choose the Dominican Republic as your wedding destination, and leave the rest to us. We will help you plan a stress free wedding. We specialize in making weddings just the way you dreamed and we use all of our expertise to coordinate this very special moment.

All the documentation will be translated, legalized, and perfectly filled out. We assure you, that all your legal papers will be arranged after you arrive back home.

We are one of the most popular wedding locations in Punta Cana. We have assisted lots of couples to have a stress free wedding they always wanted.

Our event coordinators have the experience to give you valuable advice and will be your guide related to your special event.

Come and Get Married in the the white sand along with teal colored Caribbean sea. La Barcaza offers you to get married in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world in Punta Cana – Dominican Republic. We  want you to have your perfect wedding on our special boat La Barcaza. Your event is fully tailored to your ideas and wishes by our coordinators to make your wedding day… THAT SPECIAL!

If you get married in Punta Cana La Barcaza is an ideal choice for a special and exclusive reception, before or after your ceremony or for a Bachelorette / Bachelor party. This wedding reception or event will give you and your guests an unforgettable moment.

Have your dream Wedding in Punta Cana, have it with us and you will get a wonderful wedding tour along the beaches of Punta Cana.

If you are dreaming about a truly memorable wedding, then celebrate it with your beloved and your friends on board of La Barcaza. The boat was designed, to provide exceptional experience to weddings and special events. This is the only boat in Punta Cana that hosts private wedding parties up to 100 persons in the Punta Cana area. The boat can be found between the two largest hotels, Barcelo and Melia. 

Our boat has two stories. The dancing and dining area, kitchen, bar, toilets can be found downstairs and the chill-out area can be found upstairs. Our staff does the best for your and your guest’s comfort. All of these guarantees that your wedding will be perfect.

Our capacity is 100 persons but more are welcomed as well.

During your trip you can enjoy the best local foods and drinks you can see the most beautiful beaches, white sand, teal coloured ocean. Our packages apart from the wedding programme includes a boat trip as well. We offer several services and we flexibly adapt to your needs and ideas, and we can host other types of events as well, like birthdays, Bachelorette / Bachelor parties, corporate events, vow renewals.

If you are hosting your wedding ceremony with us our service includes:

  • We help you in translating and legalising documents at the Dominican consulate
  • We plan all the weddings in a way that the design and budget is tailored to your needs.
  • We guide you through the legal processes
  • We save you money and frustration caused by long other language calls


  • Valid and signed passports.
  • Original birth certificates and 2 photocopies (long version form with parent’s names). *
  • Notarised Single Status Affidavit for each person (original and two photocopies to be sent to our office). *
  • Divorce certificate or death certificate, if applicable. (original and two photocopies to be sent to our office).* **
  • Certificate of adoption, if applicable (send two copies to our office).*
  • Parental authorisation, if applicable (send two copies to our office).*
  • Name, age, nationality, home address, occupation and passport of two witnesses (if you do not have witnesses, hotel/resort will provide them).*

Important: Any legal document (Birth Certificate, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate, Certificate of adoption, Parental authorisation) issued must have the Apostille of the Hague or be stamped by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the issuing country.

* These documents, except for passport or photo ID and witnesses information, must be translated into Spanish and legalised by the Dominican Consulate before arriving to the Dominican Republic. It is the couple’s responsibility to have all the required documentation before the wedding date.

** There is a mandatory waiting period for women after divorcing for re-marrying in some countries.

Upgrade your wedding and wedding party with extra services to make it more extraordinary. Check the list on this page or let us now your exact idea.

Menus and Bar

La Barcaza is not only one of the only boats that can sail the sea by night, it’s also one of the only places you can entertain your guests with a beautiful sit down meal on the water. At La Barcaza we structure your excursion around your menu choice. At La Barcaza we structure your excursion around your menu choice, so deciding on a menu is an important decision in the wedding planning process.

5 Different menus to choose from, and all food is cooked onboard the boat with the freshest ingredients

Two choices of open bars offering a wide selection of spirits

Complete full service at both the bar and food serive